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Policies & Statements


For information about equality at Hillbrook Primary School, please read our equality statement by clicking on the link below:

PDF icon  Hillbrook Primary Equality Statement.

Equality Target: “To ensure the curriculum reflects the diversity of the school community”

This year we have supported this target through:

  • our International Day
  • International stalls at all whole school events e.g. the Summer and Winter Fairs
  • a wide variety of local projects covered in the curriculum e.g. London Transport and Tooting market
  • a range of visits to local places of worship e.g. Tooting Mosque and All Saints’ Church
  • cross curricular work linking everyday events to in class studies
  • a broad range of Parent workshops e.g.: ESOL, Family Zumba and Phonics training
  • a range of celebration assemblies that represent our school community e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali and Eid Assemblies
  • further developing the RE curriculum to ensure our pupils learn about a broad range of faiths, including those represented in school
  • we re-drafted the SEAL/PSHE topics to reflect both school and community aims and altered the ‘Black History’ month celebration to include a range of ethnicities and cultures, moving towards ‘Inspirational Figures from History’


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