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Art Events at Hillbrook

We love Art at Hillbrook. Throughout the year children and parents are involved in a number of planned Art events. Here are some highlights from recent trips.

Year Three Gifted and Talented Drawing Day

Children in the Year Three Gifted and Talented Art Club attended the Natural History Museum for a day of drawing. We packed all the drawing materials we could carry; charcoal, chalk, pencils, felt tips, pens and crayons and made our way on the tube to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. We completed a series of observational drawing activities of dinosaurs, birds and mammals. Drawing ‘Dippy’ the large Diplodocus skeleton in the main hall was a highlight and many members of the public stopped to admire our clever drawing skills. This was an enjoyable event and Miss Dwyer is looking forward to planning similar events in the future.

Year Four, Five and Six Art Clubs visit the Tate Modern

Children in Year Four, Five and Six Art Clubs were lucky enough to visit the Tate Modern on South Bank. The Tate Modern is a world renowned art gallery featuring international modern and contemporary art. This is an exciting place for children to visit and gives them the opportunity to see an enormous array of artists and artworks. We looked at the work of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. This supported children to make links between Art lessons in school and the work on display. Installation and sculpture work was a highlight, in particular the Liquid Crystal Environment room by artist Gustav Metzger.

Hillbrook Art Exhibition

On Parents' Evening the top floor of Larchwood turned in to an Art gallery of children’s work. Parents and children were able to view and purchase their child’s framed artwork, as well as visit the art room. This was a lovely way to celebrate art at Hillbrook.

Parent Workshops

In the Summer Term, nursery and reception parents were given the opportunity to attend ‘Make & Play’ workshops in the Art room. This was a hands-on experience for parents to work with their children to make fun and educational toys out of recycled and found objects. Miss Priya and Miss Dwyer demonstrated ways to create toys and each child worked alongside their parent to create a toy of their choice.