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Art at Hillbrook

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My name is Siobhan McSorley and I have taught across different year groups at Hillbrook since 2017. In 2023 I became the Art teacher and so I have the privilege of teaching every child across the whole school!  I have a degree in Contemporary Fine Art and since graduating I have continued my passion for the subject by visiting galleries in London and beyond, as well as taking part in courses to learn new skills and processes. I love how art can make you curious about the world around us as well as opening you up to new ways of seeing it. Outside of school I enjoy making art work, it gives me a chance to try new ideas and take risks with my creativity.

Art at Hillbrook aims to ensure that all pupils produce high quality artwork, explore art materials and record their experiences and experimentation. The art curriculum develops children’s skills in drawing, painting, collage and other techniques in art and design.


The elements of art – colour, line, form, value, texture, space and shape - are the foundation of lessons and are built upon throughout the key stages. Artists at Hillbrook are developing the language and vocabulary required to evaluate their own work and the work of others.



Children are taught about artists and artworks to help them understand the journey of art throughout history and culture, providing them with the opportunity to discuss ideas and form their own opinions and questions. We aim to nurture an artistic side of children, encouraging them to take risks, express themselves and enjoy being creative.