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Level Criteria for Reading, Writing and Maths

Staff complete half-termly assessments all children in Years 1 to 6. We use the criteria shown below for Reading, Writing and Maths. You may find it useful to support your child’s learning at home by using the smaller steps within each sub-level and our ‘Help at Home' pages.

Assessing Reading

 You can see the Word List by clicking here

Assessing Writing




Assessing Maths


 P Level and Level 1 I Can Assessment

 Level 1 and 2 I Can Assessment

 Level 2 and 3 I Can Assessment

 Level 3 and 4 I Can Assessment

 Level 4 and 5 I Can Assessment


For further information about your child’s next steps or how you can support them at home, please arrange to meet with your child’s class teacher.