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Physical Education (PE) at Hillbrook

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At Hillbrook Primary School we believe that Physical Education contributes significantly to children’s learning and development. Pupils are provided opportunities to engage in physical activity during the ‘Tooting Ten’ daily run, curriculum lessons and through a range of clubs offered as part of our extended schools provision. As well as developing sports skills, there is an emphasis on the wider benefits of PE and sport, such as teamwork, social skills and having positive attitudes towards health and fitness.

PE at Hillbrook is taught by class teachers, PE specialists and sports coaches who team-teach with the class teachers. Key skills are taught using games to develop understanding, where pupils can practice in a fun, low-pressure environment. Along with a range of sports, children also have the opportunity to take part in dance, gymnastics and swimming.

In addition to PE lessons, we provide opportunities for the children to compete in a variety of intra and inter-school events and we are proud to host sports leagues for local school throughout the year. Hillbrook has secured the 'Gold School Games Mark' for our provision in PE over the last two years.

I have been teaching PE at Hillbrook for just over 16 years now. I have a passion for physical education, sport and development of pupils across the primary age range. I have a particular interest in coaching technical skills leading to the use of those skills in fun small sided games. At Hillbrook we have a number of links with local sports clubs with an aim to inspire all our pupils to take up and maintain an active lifestyle.