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Anglo Saxon Drama Workshop

Year 4 took part in an Anglo Saxon Drama Workshop last half term. This is what Maya wrote following the workshop:


Friday 6th February

Anglo Saxon Drama Workshop

Today, an actor called Sophie came into school and did a drama workshop with us. First she asked us to make a tableaux, which is like a freeze frame. After she had told us if we were Anglo Saxon invaders or settlers (I was being invaded and attacked by the Anglo Saxons) we started to work out who would do what. Then we performed our tableaux to the rest of the class.

Next we were put into smaller groups and she told us an Anglo Saxon fact, which we had to perform. We could move and talk but we were not allowed to say our fact. The fact our group has was that when and if an Anglo Saxon chopped off someone's nose, they had to pay them 16 shillings (which is not alot  of money!) No one was able to guess our fact when we performed and we were very confused why they would chop peoples noses off!

I had a great day and learnt alot about the Anglo Saxons.

Maya Gonga