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Anti-Bullying Week


In response to the Ofsted Parent’s Survey question about bullying, we used Anti-Bullying Week (17th – 21st November) to raise awareness of bullying and how it can and should be prevented.

At Hillbrook, our definition of bullying is:

…when someone chooses to upset you on purpose over and over again, even when someone has asked them to stop.

Children across the whole school spent some time discussing what bullying is and how to deal with it. They were given steps to take in order to deal with bullying and discussed things they could do if they witnessed bullying in the school. This was done through a variety of carefully planned and delivered activities which made the children think about the feelings and thoughts of themselves and others.

Staff at Hillbrook created 3 simple, child-friendly steps to follow for children you think they are being bullied:

  1. Stand up tall and tell the person “I don’t like it when you…”
  2. Talk to a friend about how you’re feeling
  3. Walk away and tell an adult you trust

One of the Hillbrook 3 R’s is to be responsible. We often talk about having individual responsibility but also collective responsibility. During the week we also discussed the responsibility you hold if you witness bullying around you. Again we created 3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Be a friend to them
  2. Ask the bully to stop and be responsible for your own behaviour
  3. Tell an adult

We also let the children know what the adults in the school will do if bullying is happening. We felt this was important for both children and parents.

As a school we endeavour to:

  • Listen to both sides, investigate what is happening and write it up
  • Speak to the class teacher and other adults involved
  • Keep an eye on the situation
  • If necessary, tell parents and give out consequences

Across the school, we based our lessons around the book Tyrannosaurus Drip, which includes characters that have to deal with bullying. The school council planned and delivered assemblies to the rest of the school, as well as their parents. All classes explored how kindness and positivity can stamp out bullying at Hillbrook.

Anti-bullying week has been a great success and children have a much stronger grasp of the term ‘bullying’ and are more aware of the steps to take if they see it happening.