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Aspiring Writer Wins 2nd Prize in Borough Competition!

We are excited to announce that Zuhur, one of our Year 6 pupils has won 2nd prize in the Wandsworth Family Learning writing competition:  ‘Wandsworth, My Life, My World’.  Zuhur was congratulated on her achievement and presented with her prize at a special cream tea awards ceremony.

I arrived on time but I struggled to find the hall where the ceremony was taking place. After a while, a kind lady offered to show me and my family to the enormous hall where they were giving the prizes. Surprisingly, Miss Mckinley arrived and enjoyed some cream tea and mince pies with us!

I was, and still am, really proud of myself for this big achievement. Hopefully this will inspire younger people to be excited to write, enter competitions and come as far as I did.

I have earnt myself £40 worth of high street vouchers and a certificate that will soon be framed on the wall in my room to show my success. When I grow older I want to show my children this certificate so that they can do the same that I did.” 

Read Zuhur's Competition Entry Here

Hmmm? Where should I begin? Oh yeah, the part where I first moved from my peaceful home in Malmo, Sweden, to the  multicultural, vibrant city of London. I had never imagined my life to turn out how it is today. Ever since I was young, I had always thought that there would be flying ponies instead of cars, rainbow dust instead of toothpaste and that I’d go to candy land instead of school!

Anyway, I came to London when I was four years old. I was just an unnoticeable girl. I found it so hard to fit in with my class. I had always cared what people said to me and what people said about me. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. People used to tease me about how I looked and ask why I was wearing a headscarf. It took several years for people to understand who I really was.

Now, here I am, one of the oldest children at school and I have friends who really care for me: Soriayah, Sophie, Shathana, Dora, Dinah, Isabelle and Catarina. I am so lucky to be known. I’ve gone from invisible to the person I am today.

By Zuhur, Year 6, Hillbrook Primary School