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Kings, Queens and Rulers Day

Friday 29th January 2016 saw Kings, Queens and rulers taking over Hillbrook Primary School! Children got the opportunity to see all of their teachers (and even Mrs Lamb!) dressed up as famous Kings, Queens and rulers from throughout history and were able to participate in fun-filled workshops based around these influential leaders. From learning all about Queen Elizabeth II in Reception and Nursery, decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs in Year 4 to drama workshops in Year 3 based on the lives of Romans, each and every child has been able to really get active in their history learning.

King Henry VIII was even able to join our school for the day, making some surprise (and often a little scary) appearances in assemblies and classrooms. Children were encouraged to really think hard about questions to ask Henry so that they could learn more about him and his life. I think we were all a little shocked to hear that Henry had six wives, and that he chopped two of their heads off because they betrayed him.

Overall, the day was a huge success with lots of conversation about the past and how it is different from our lives today. A huge thank you to all of the teachers who dressed up and held exciting lessons throughout the day. I will be writing a much more detailed report of the day, filled with more photos, to go onto the website for next week. Until then, enjoy these few snaps!

Miss Gittings