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MP Sadiq Khan Visits Hillbrook

Hillbrook recently participated in a multi-school Christmas card competition, run by MP Sadiq Khan and designed for local schools throughout Tooting.

The competition saw kids from several schools designing their very own  Christmas cards, with each entry being sent to local Tooting residents, and even famous faces more further afield (like David Beckham and Prince William!).

With more than 900 entries sent in, everyone at Hillbrook was thrilled to learn that Danu in Year 6 won 2nd place! And last week, MP Sadiq Khan visited Hillbrook personally to present Danu with her award, stating that "Hillbrook must be very good at drawing and using their imagination... this achievement that Danu has made is a huge credit to your school and showcases all the good work at Hillbrook!"

Sadiq Khan also complimented the behaviour of the other children, commenting that "I don't think I've ever seen children sit so well in an Assembly"

Danu's design was a very imaginative 3D Christmas cake, adorned with London's skyline and several iconic buildings like Big Ben, London Eye,  Piccadilly Circus and even Tooting's very own Wheatsheaf. Her design also included a tube train travelling along the side of the cake, and the sky was even raining festive holly.

A big congratulations to Danu! 

MP Sadiq Khan Speaks to the Children at Hillbrook

Danu is Presented with 2nd Place for Her Design