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Munga 2016 Experience

(For 6 children selected from Year 5)

Munga was hosted by the Wansworth council on Monday 27th of June. When we entered the council chambers, the day began with the poster design competition on the British values. Two people stood up with our poster showing it to other children from other schools. With all the work we used in it, we were 100% sure we would win. Without waiting any longer, we started our debating competition. We were fighting for that “Tolerance is the most important British value”. When we completed it, we listened to two other school debating. It was nerve-wracking but we all spoke and made points of information.

We had lunch and after that, we started the opening of MUNGA (Model United Nation General Assembly). Hillbrook were representing Somalia and others were doing Greece, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Syria, France and The United Kingdom. We discussed the European refugee crisis and after agreed in the general assembly that all countries should help refugees.

Finally, we found out that we had won the poster design and one of our speakers (Audrey) had won a prize for excellent listening and speaking during the debate! We came home happily with a box of chocolates and £50 voucher for our school to spend on books. It was a scary but successful, interesting and an exciting day.

By: Mohamed Amin

5 Blue