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'My Home is My Castle' Aspire Competition Results

Omari Harris-Beckle, a Year 2 pupil here at Hillbrook, has done the school proud by pulling in 3rd place in the Wandsworth multi-school 'My Home is My Castle' competition - a competition that saw nearly 300 entries sent in!

The competition was hosted by Aspire Estate Agents, and required children to draw their homes as though they were castles. Daily Mail cartoonist Stan McMurty praised the quality of contest entries, saying “one of these days, one or two of these children might become architects and build something similar to their design in London - how amazing would that be!”

Omari won art & book vouchers worth £100 for his entry, and Hillbrook won £500 worth of art equipment for the school. So from everyone at Hillbrook, congratulations Omari on your fantastic artwork - maybe one day you'll be a famous architect!


The Entry Submitted by Omari:

Stan McMurtry (Daily Mail Cartoonist) with Tom Ward (Director of Aspire Estate Agents) judge entries: