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Nursery News

Dear parents, ​

In nursery, our weekend 'pets' Mr. Hooty (an owl for Sunflower class) and Dojo (a monster for Honeysuckle class) will start to go home with the children.  Miss Currell and Miss Byrne took Mr. Hooty and Dojo home for the first weekend, who's turn will be next?  When it is your child's turn to take the class pet home for the weekend, please help them document their adventure in our class pet's 'Weekend Adventure Book' on a page that your class teacher will provide for you.  Children can include photos, drawings, and most importantly, write about their weekend.  Parents can scribe for their child and if your child is ready, they can trace, copy or try to sound out words they'd like to include. This is a great mark making and writing experience for your child!  We look forward to reading your adventures and having your child share their page with their class.

Additionally, we've asked children to participate in our first creative home project using autumn objects.  The children can collect autumn objects such as leaves, chestnuts, twigs and acorns to make a picture, collage or sculpture to bring in and share with the class after half-term break.  

Warm regards,

Miss Currell and Miss Byrne ​