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Nursery News April 2016

Nursery had an amazing performance related to West Africa for our International Day performance.  The children wore their t-shirts that they had made for their homework.  They sang a Nigerian song, A is for Africa and 5 Little Monkeys.  We ended with the Azonto dance.  Thank you for all the parents who came out to support us! 

Earlier in spring term, we had a visit from Wandsworth's Scooter Team.  They helped repair some broken scooters, and taught us how to use our scooters safely.  We had a great time learning how to break, scoot with long legs, turn, and go in a circle.  Most importantly, we learned to wait for adults to cross the street when we're on our scooters and to say 'excuse me' and 'thank you' when passing pedestrians on the pavement.