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Reception News Report Summer 2015

Reception's Trip to Hobbledown Farm

At the end of the spring term, Reception went on a magical adventure to Hobbledown Farm. We were lucky enough to meet some furry friends in person and saw so many different farm animals as we explored. We had a lovely picnic, played into the sandy fort and spent the afternoon in the playground which had some huge trampolines!

Surreyyah in Primrose class said: “I love the tiny horses, they had really long hair in their faces and tried to get some long grass from my hand”

Harvey in Daffodil class said: “My favourite bit of the farm was the playground. There was lots of tunnels and a big slide and Miss Horscroft went down it with us.”

Lola in Buttercup class said: “It’s the farm ever because you can even see meerkats, pigs, donkeys, llamas, guinea pigs, sheep, cows and rats. I touched the rat and it was so soft.”