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Turquoise Class's Mathematical Outdoor Adventure

The year 6 Turquoise maths group endured a chilly January morning to try to get to the bottom of a question that we have all asked ourselves at some point: what is the area of the front playground? The weather may have been freezing but the competition to solve this problem was hot, proving once and for all that not even an Arctic blast can quash Turquoise's mathematical curiosity. Using just a metre rule, a stick of chalk, a piece of string and a lot of brainpower, the keen mathematicians of Year 6 went about their task with amazing enthusiasm. Mr Topham's insistence that they include the area behind the office in their measurements - thereby making the playground a compound shape - was greeted with bafflement at first, but the children soon found ways to overcome the challenge. While there was some disagreement about the precise dimensions of the playground, a consensus emerged that it must be between 500 and 650 square metres. By the end of the lesson, everybody who took part had gained an excellent insight into the skills of measuring and working out the area of compound shapes, a skill that we will be exploring further in class before half term.