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Walking Trip to the Naan Shop

After reading The Little Red Hen and The Gingerbread Man, the children were interested in baking.  We did bake some of our own bread and try some store bought bread, but we wanted to go on a trip to another kind of bakery- the Naan Shop!  We talked about how bread is made, how we can buy bread with money, and how to ask for things politely.  We needed to make sure we had enough money for everyone to be able to get their own naan.  We loved being able to go for a walk on such a beautifully sunny day!    When arriving at the shop, we noticed all kinds of different naan were available to buy.  Thank you to all our family volunteers who were able to come out and help us on the day!  We wouldn’t be able to do these trips without you.  We will be planning one more trip for the summer term so we hope to have even more volunteers for our next trip.