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Winning Entry for the 'Get Smart Films' TV Ad Workshop

The children in Turquoise class (Year 6)  had great fun and learned a lot working with the Get Smart Films workshop.  

They spent one and a half days working with Get Smart Films to learn about TV advertising.  The children learned about advertising theory, discussed advertising techniques, compared and contrasted TV ads since 1955 and - of course - learned how to make their own ads.

Their challenge was to plan and produce an ad that would: 

  • attract children to want to come Hillbrook 
  • show parents that Hillbrook is the school of choice for their children 
  • appeal to potential staff looking for the ideal school to work in

It was a very tight contest picking one winner to represent Hillbrook.  Well done to everyone in Turquoise for producing such incredible work.  Congratulations to Malachi and Reggie (our winners) - you can see their video below.