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Y3 News Report Summer 2015

British Museum Trip 12th and 13th March


Year 3 had a fantastic day at the British Museum to reinforce our topic on The Romans. This is what Yash and Wiktoria wrote about the day: 

"On Thursday 12th March,  we went on a trip to the British Museum. First we skipped to the noisy tube station. As we went in the train the class got squashed! A few moments later we got off the train and everybody got into their groups. After that we went to Tottenham Court road where the museum was. 

Next we put our coats and lunch boxes away and then met our guide. She said that every step forward we took was a step going back in time to the Romans so we pretended we were going back in time. " (Yash)

"I was amazed how these artefacts were found in the ground. As soon as we went into the hall we sat down and she told us all about the Romans and what they ate and drank. After that she gave us some cards and we were supposed to find some Roman cutlery so we could make honey bread. Soon Miss Harvey told us to have a look around tummy rumbled. I was really hungry!" (Wiktoria)