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Year 2 Trip to the Fire Station

'This week, Year 2 went on an exciting trip to Tooting Fire Department! In class, we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and found it really interesting to find out how the professionals put out fires nowadays.

Our tour guides were Mick and Jim and they took us on a journey through the station. We started out in the ‘watch room’, where they collect important information when an emergency call comes through. They had a big map on the wall to help them locate the address of the fire.

We also checked out their gym, where they train every day to stay fit and strong to be able to lift the heavy equipment and rescue people when there is a fire.

Following that, we got the chance to explore inside the fire engine and try on the fire-retardant uniform. The helmets were a bit big so we looked a bit silly!

Finally, with Jim and Mick’s help, we held the massive water hoses and sprayed the water high into the air! It was very powerful and was an awesome experience!'