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Year 3 Creative Writing

Do you know who the Dream Giver is? Above his big, huge and fat nose he has circular, goggle glasses! He’s bald and he also has skinny legs! That’s the Dream Giver!

One day the Dream Giver sneaked onto a shiny and shimmering bedroom with lots of sleeping children in it. The Dream Giver gently cracked his golden eggs but he cracked them onto good books.

Suddenly the boy accidently tripped over one of the Dream Giver’s golden eggs and it fell on a book about a school called Hillbrook! The little boy didn’t know where he was!

By surprise the Dream Giver quickly went in the book and grabbed the boys hand and took him out!

The next morning the boy woke up and kept on looking at the book!

The end.

By Leyre, Violet Class, Year 3


Once upon a time in a town called Kingston, a skinny bald guy came quickly running out of no where. There man was an outlaw to the country. The man shouldn’t have come to Kingston!

Suddenly he tried to crack an egg but no yoke came out!!! The yoke didn’t come out because the wonderful yoke had all dried up. James the man, who was an outlaw, had an idea, and it was to put the eggs inside the oven…

Some how, below the oven there were two things that made the eggs very warm and James could give fantastic dreams to people! Now he was no longer an outlaw to Kingston, he became the King!

By Adon, Lilac Class


One dark night there was a man, flying around.  He was the Dream Giver. The bald Dream Giver was looking in every window giving dreams. Every child was asleep.  So he went to children’s houses.

First he saw five children asleep. So he went there.  The kind Dream Giver, that gives good dreams, went to the third one first. He put six eggs on her bed and carefully spread them out.  He cracked one egg into her small slippers.

Quietly the Dream Giver went to the door and SPLAT!!! One of the eggs fell on a scary chapter book.  The book was about aliens, rockets, fire, and space men. The Dream Giver didn’t know why it happened. “Why did that happen?” whispered the Dream Giver. The girl moved side to side. The nightmare was on the moon.

The Dream Giver quietly tiptoed and got another golden egg and cracked it.  Suddenly the girl woke up….. The Dream Giver crept out and went home and then went to sleep peacefully.

By Yasmine, Lavender Class