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Year 3 News

This half term we have been learning about Inventions! We have looked at lots of different exciting inventions, including the television, the airplane and the telephone. We have looked at the history of these inventions and the inventors and have learnt what our lives might be like without these amazing creations! Imagine if we didn’t have telephones… Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell our lives are much simpler.

We were lucky enough to visit the Science Museum and we looked at ‘Making the Modern World’ where we could explore even more inventions through our history.

"This term has been lovely!  I have enjoyed learning about inventions, my favourite thing was when we put together our timeline about the Wright brothers!" – Evie Lavender Class

“Inventions are fun! My favourite invention is the telephone, they are great because you can call people who are far away from you!” – Scarlett Lilac Class