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Year 3 Story Writing

Year 3 would like to share some story writing.


Story Opener:

One rainy day Paddington  decided he wanted to visit London. Paddington Bear got his hat, his jacket, his marmalade sandwich and an umbrella. Then off he went! He opened his umbrella and walked to the station. When he got there he made sure he paid on his card, then he went down the escalator, at the same time as making sure he was holding the bar so he didn’t fall! He was just in time for his train so he climbed on. He saw two seats, one person sat on one seat, so Paddington whizzes to get the other. He got the seat and all the furry bristles felt very comfy. It started to get a bit smelly! It smelt like marmalade sandwiches! He felt a bit sleepy so off he went to sleep and dreamt of marmalade!

By Jai, Lilac Class


Build Up:

Paddington Bear now went out of the blue and red tube excited and sweaty! Then he went to see the pointy, shimmering, huge Shard. He was very excited because he had never been in a huge Shard! The Shard was right above over Paddington Bear so he went in the Shard and he said, “wow, that’s huge!” It was very cool thought Paddington Bear.

By Sarlota



Then quick as a flash, there was a  gush of wind.  His red hat went of his head. Paddington ran as fast as he could. When he was close to the London Eye he found a bus driver! “Excuse me do you know where my red hat is?”

“Sorry I can’t help you right now. I have to drive a bus.”  Paddington was sad!  Next he found a policeman. He was helping people cross the road because there was lots of traffic.  “Excuse me can you help me find my red hat please?” sadly said Paddington.

“No sorry I have to stop cars running over people.” Finally he found a fireman.

“Please can you help find my red hat?”

“No sorry you I’m too busy!” crossly Paddington asked everyone but they couldn’t help. Suddenly a girl asked politely, “Do you need help bear?”

“Yes please.” Paddington said happily!

By Jamal Lavender Class