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Year 6 - Imperial War

On Friday 18th March 2016, Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum in London. We have been learning about World War 2 and how it affected the lives of those serving in the army and the people left at home. We were lucky enough to look through two exhibitions- one showcasing artefacts such as old incendiary bombs, submarines and fighter planes, and another which transported us back to the 1940’s and inside the house of the Allpress family who lived in Lambeth during the war. During the morning, Year 6 were asked to be detectives and answer questions about these exhibits and learnt a lot of interesting facts along the way. Did you know that gas masks with Mickey Mouse on were made for children which would make very rude raspberry noises if breathed through? We found out that bananas could not be bought during the war, as they were not imported to the country, and even had an opportunity to sit inside an Anderson shelter.

After a delicious lunch, we were free to roam the museum and lots of us chose to look through the incredible World War 1 exhibit, ending up in the trenches and finding out what it was really like to be a soldier during a war. Of course, a quick visit to the playground was in order to round the day off, with some of the Hillbrook staff having a little bit too much fun themselves! Overall, Year 6 had a fantastic and fun day out, building on our knowledge of the Second World War.