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Year 6 Trip to Tooting Common

On Monday 14th December, Year 6 got on their camouflage gear, painted their faces and went for a fun packed day of adventuring on Tooting Common.

Our topic for the Autumn term has been survival, which has meant that Year 6 have been learning about famous explorers and what they had to do to survive in the toughest of times. We went to Tooting Common to put some of these skills to the test to see just how well we could survive out in the wild!

Each group worked together with Mrs Balmer and Miss Devlin to create shelters which just got better and better. By the end of the day, and with a little adult assistance, we had a huge (6ft) shelter fit for a King! We were all able to do some outdoor cookery with Miss Gittings, with each person creating a delicious (but slightly horrible looking) banana and Mars Bar sandwich. Mr Topham took groups deeper into the woods to test their teamwork skills; each group had to lead a blindfolded member safely through an obstacle course. Luckily everyone came out safely on the other side! Finally, Mr Ahmad and Ms Collin has a camouflage competition - the children all had their faces painted and had to disguise themselves in the woods, with some very funny results!

Year 6 had a great day out on the Common. Our survival skills were put to the ultimate test and luckily everyone made it home in one piece, even if they were a little bit muddy!