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Ofsted Report




"The school is a very welcoming and caring environment. Relationships between pupils and adults are powerful, due in part to excellent role modelling, and pupils knowing they are all respected in this highly inclusive environment."
"The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Pupils say they feel extremely safe. They are taught to keep themselves safe through assemblies and excellent pastoral programmes, such as in their personal, social and health education. "
"Teaching is outstanding across the curriculum, including in reading, writing, phonics and mathematics. This is demonstrated in lessons, in pupils’ work, and in their books which also show them making outstanding progress. Teachers have high expectations of all pupils, and provide excellent role models to show pupils how to do their best."
"Pupils are highly engaged in their learning, which enables them to rapidly develop skills and knowledge imparted by the teacher."
"Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs benefit from outstanding teaching. They are well directed, and highly effective planning enables individual pupils to succeed alongside their peers."
"Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. They are highly motivated, and want to learn. As a result there is an exceptionally strong learning environment in the school. Their positive attitudes contribute to the outstanding progress they make. They are very proud of what they achieve"
"The curriculum provides very memorable experiences and is exceptionally broad and balanced. It offers outstanding opportunities for children to develop wider skills."
"All pupils have ready access to a wide variety of excellent teaching, support, resources, clubs and activities. Consequently, equality of opportunity within the school is outstanding and well promoted across the curriculum."

Attached below is our most recent Ofsted report. You can also find this, and previous reports, on the Ofsted website by clicking here.

 OFSTED Report February 2014