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Remote Learning

We have put plans in place to ensure that pupils continue their education when learning from home. We recognise the importance of providing high-quality remote education and we will continue to teach a range of subjects so that children can keep making progress at home.

We also realise that everyone’s circumstances at home will be different. Some families have one child to support while others have several. Some families do not have adequate technology at home, some have one device to share while others may have more. Some parents will have plenty of time to help their children learn, while others will be working from home and may have much less time. Some children will be able to work more independently than others or need a greater challenge. Due to this, we are providing flexibility within our approach to home learning. 


What Will We Teach & How Will We Teach It?




When a whole class needs to work at home, Class Teachers will post daily lessons on Google Classroom (Years 2-6) or Class Dojo (Early Years and Year 1), to continue the delivery of the curriculum.

These lessons will be planned to build on learning that has already taken place in school. We will use a range of online resources to implement a carefully sequenced curriculum. These will include:

  • Pre-recorded teacher videos to deliver new content
  • Pre-recorded lessons from external providers, for example White Rose Maths or Oak Academy (where these fit in with our curriculum)
  • Letters and Sounds phonics videos
  • Continued access to targeted activities on programs such as Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics


Live Sessions

In addition to these resources, we recognise the importance of daily live interaction between teachers and pupils to promote positive motivation, set expectations and facilitate feedback. This will also be important for improving the overall pupil wellbeing while isolating at home. Examples of topics covered in live sessions are: 

  • Reading conversations in small groups 
  • Checking pupils’ understanding of expectations and promoting engagement in remote learning
  • Whole class feedback sessions - revisiting misconceptions, celebrating successes and reflecting on how to improve work submitted
  • Celebration assemblies
  • PHSE lessons


These sessions will run through Google Meet and the timings of the sessions will be clearly explained on Class Dojo or Google Classroom. 

How Much Work Will Be Set? 

It is our expectation that children access Google Classroom or Class Dojo every day when they would ordinarily attend school in person. Children should log on and take part in their live sessions every day. If children are not accessing the set work or attending the live sessions, class teachers will make contact to check in with the family and then speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team if there are further concerns.

We realise that all children work at different speeds. Taking into account the live elements, the pre-recorded videos, the ongoing use of different websites and the time taken to work on the set tasks, the amount of work set will for children in Key Stage 1 will take an average of 3 hours a day to complete, with less for younger children, rising to 4 hours a day in Key Stage 2.

In order to promote good progress, pupils will be expected to hand in or submit some of the work and receive feedback from their teachers. The amount of work submitted will vary according to the age and ability of the children and these pieces will be made explicit to pupils and families through Google Classroom and Class Dojo. 

Will My Child Receive Any Feedback On Their Work?

Yes, they will! Some lessons will be assigned to be handed in with a deadline a few days in the future, to allow some flexibility for when it's completed. Children will receive feedback on submitted pieces of work from their teacher. This may take a variety of forms depending on the task or the age of the children.

We encourage your child to read and act upon the advice given as well as consider this in their next piece of work. There is no expectation for the children to completely redo or resubmit that piece of work.

At Hillbrook, we always encourage children to take responsibility for reflecting upon and making improvements to their own work. For this reason, teachers will not correct each and every mistake made. Not only can this be demoralising for the child but by noticing mistakes themselves they are more likely to learn from and avoid making these again in the future.

The daily class live sessions will be used as an opportunity to share and celebrate children’s work as well as discuss common mistakes and give time for children to reflect upon how they could make their work better.

In Key Stage 2, one of the English lessons each week will be a ‘Writing reflection’ lesson where children will be asked to re-read, edit and improve their most recent piece of writing. This will also focus upon common mistakes that teachers have noticed in children’s writing and provide ‘mini-tutorials’ around these skills. 

If you wish to discuss a specific piece of work in more detail, please feel free to email the year group email address and a member of the team will get back to you.


My Child Needs Additional Support

We recognise that some children may be experiencing additional challenges when learning at home and may need more support. This includes children with SEN, children who are still learning English and children access therapeutic support for their mental health.

If your child normally receives extra support in school, we will aim to continue this through additional lessons, differentiated lessons and increased contact home. Details of the support available for children with SEN can be found here

If you are worried about your child’s learning, please speak to their class teacher in the first instance to arrange further support.

PDF icon SEN Offer - Remote Learning

We Still Need More Help

Chromebooks and Internet

We know that many of our families do not have access to a laptop or a tablet and lots of children are having to share devices. As part of the government's response, we were allocated some Chromebooks to loan to families to support children with their remote learning. Demand for these has been incredibly high. We have also committed more money toward purchasing further devices. These are loaned out to families according to need.

We have also been able to support some families with increased internet data where necessary.

If we can help at all in regard to this, please contact the school office. 

Getting In Touch

If you have any further questions about remote learning, please email the year groups using the addresses below, where one of the team will be pleased to get back to you.


Year 1 Year 2
Year 3 Year 4
Year 5 Year 6



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