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Secondary Transition

  • Secondary schools have open days during the Summer term (after Easter) in Year 5 and the beginning of the Autumn term (up to half term) in Year 6
  • The deadline for submitting an application is the end of October and should be done online.  You can use the link here
  • Only children interested in applying to Graveny, Burntwood, Ashcroft Technology Academy and Chestnut Grove need to take the Wandsworth test in September. You will need to register your child so that they can sit the test in one of these four secondary schools in September. The Wandsworth Test is no longer administered at Hillbrook.

Useful tips

  • Visit as many schools as you can to get a feel for what might suit your child
  • If they are sitting the Wandsworth test, get your child to have a go at some of the verbal and non-verbal practice papers so that they are familiar with them for the Wandsworth test
  • Select 6 schools on your application form. If you don’t you could be allocated a school that you did not apply for
  • If you would like to apply to schools outside the borough then you can do it on the same application form. You may be asked to attend separate tests.  In some cases, you will need to register for these tests while your child is in Year 5.
  • If your child has an EHC plan, the process is slightly different and you should not just complete the usual form. Please speak to the SENCo at school
  • If you would like to apply for schools in the private sector, this will need to be done separately

We know that it can feel confusing so if you are in doubt about anything please ask and we are happy to help.

Wandsworth Tests

Wandsworth Tests are held in September for children who have registered for them. The tests are used to support the application to Graveny, Burntwood, Ashcroft Technology Academy and Chestnut Grove Schools. The tests are made up of verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers.  The verbal reasoning questions test your child's ability to reason with words.  They will complete games e.g. asking the children to identify words of the same meaning or using letters of one word to create another word.  The non-verbal reasoning questions use abstract symbols to solve problems e.g.  finding similarities, completing sequences/shapes or solving codes.

The content of these tests are not part of the National Curriculum and so the children will not be familiar with them. We recommend, if you are considering applying to a school that uses the outcomes of the tests, that they use some sample papers beforehand in order to prepare for the tests.

Many bookshops sell sample materials.  Look for 11+ Verbal Reasoning and 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning practice books.  Some of the companies that produce this material are: Bond, CGP and Letts.  Please also see the links below.

Non Verbal Reasoning Sample

Verbal Reasoning Sample

Please note that if your child is applying for a school outside Wandsworth, they may be required to sit additional tests. These tests may cover the National Curriculum, be verbal / non-verbal reasoning or different tests altogether. Please consult the school that you are applying for or ask us for more details.